APE (Air Pressurisation Equipment)

Paying attention to certain details of bus duct projects will ensure trouble-free service.

A bus duct system is an effective method of distributing power to your switchgear and various loads. Yet, bus ducts problems lead to catastrophic damage and extensive downtime.

Moisture can condense inside an electrical bus system due to a number of factors, such as poor installation or an inadequate design, or a high-humidity climate or heating system failure etc. Combined cycle units are particularly vulnerable to moisture condensation. Over time, this moisture can initiates corona activity, which can be accelerated by the built-up of ionized air in an enclosed area or space with no air movement. The result could be a failure or fault, leading to unplanned outages, expensive equipment replacement and safety risks to personnel.

Who is Impacted?
  • Bus duct designs that lack ability to shed rainwater.
  • Reliance on sealants that will age and crack.
  • Geographies with wide temperature swings from day-to-night.
  • Peaking / Cycling facilities with downtime for moisture to accumulate.
Benefits of Moisture / Condensation Control.
  • Remove moisture.
  • Helps keep dust/contaminants out.
  • Eliminates any faults caused by moisture in the bus duct.
Standard Requirements for Bus Duct Selection.
  • Has the correct voltage rating.
  • Has sufficient current rating.
  • Has right quantity of conductors (phase, neutral, and ground).
  • Has adequate short circuit bracing.
  • Is totally enclosed.

Mellcon Engineers offers APE (Air Pressurisation Equipment) for bus ducts to control humidity and supply dry air continuously at a positive pressure to avoid all the above problems. Please get in touch with us for a   quote.

Some of our prestigious clients of APE (Air Pressurisation Equipment) include.
  • Maithon Power.
  • Maharashtra State Power Generation corpn. Ltd. Khaparkheda.
  • MPGCL- Malwa
  • Jindal India Thermal Power Ltd.
  • DB Power Ltd.
  • ONGC - Tripura.
  • Sagardighi Thermal Power.
  • Adhunik Power & National Resources Ltd.
  • Bhartiya Nabhikiya Vidyut Nigam Ltd.
  • Chhatisgarh State Power Gen Co. Ltd.
  • SKS Power.
  • Coastal Gujrat Power Ltd.,Ukai Project.
  • Maharashtra Power Generation Co. Ltd. (Mahagenco), Chandrapur.
  • Reliance Infrastructure Ltd.
  • C & S Electric Ltd. Noida.

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