High Pressure Compressed Air Dryer / Gas Dryer

MELLCON High Pressure Air / Gas are available in operating pressure ranges i.e. 60 Bar g (900 psig) to 400 Bar g 6000 psig) and in flows ranging. from 50 to 500 M3 per hour (30 to 300 SCFM) for compressed air and process gases. The unique high pressure design provides unparalleled reliability, easy maintenance and safety from dangerous high pressure leaks.

Integrated pre-filter and after filters with differential pressure gauges and manual drains are provided as standard equipment making installation an easy and quick job. Suitable controls for offshore or hazardous duty applications are available upon request. Activated Carbon Filters are also incorporated to remove Oil vapors upto 99.99 percent efficiency. An optional Dew Point meter can also be offered as an integral Unit.

For various industrial applications where air / gas at high pressure in dry form is required, Mellcon offers High Pressure Air / Gas Dryers. It is suitable for such application and is one of the best choice. High Pressure Air / Gas Dryers are mainly used in Marine & Defense applications. Some of the other High Pressure industrial applications are. :-

  1. Air Circuit Breakers.
  2. High Pressure Generator Starting
  3. High Pressure Air for Aircraft Engine Starting
  4. Scuba diving and breathing air applications
  5. High Pressure Gas Filling
  6. High Pressure H2 for Turbine cooling
  7. High Pressure Testing
  8. High Pressure Process Gas Applications etc.


  1. Fully Automatic and Ready to Install
  2. Outlet Dew Point upto (-) 80 deg. C or better
  3. Operating voltage - 24 V - 220 V AC / DC
  4. Operating Pressure Up to 400 Bar g.

For cost comparison of operating of a Heat of Compression Type Air Dryers Vs. Heated Type/Heatless/Refrigerated Type Air Dryers please click here.

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