Packaged Dry Air Plant

Packaged Dry Air Plant

MELLCON offers packaged Dry Air Plant in which complete assembly is mounted on a common skid. Assembly includes Air Compressor, After Cooler, Air Receiver and Air Dryer. The system is ready to install type just requiring power connection, water connection and air inlet/outlet connection. Packaged Dry Air Plants are offered upto a capacity of 100CFM. The basic scheme of the system is shown below:-

Air Compressor compresses the atmospheric air thereby raising its temperature & humidity. This hot air is cooled in Water Cooled After Cooler to a temperature of 400 C and in the process moisture condenses & drained out. This air is stored in air receiver and then passes through the Air Dryer where air is dried to a a desired Dew Point. This fully dry air is sent for the pneumatic/process application .

For cost comparison of operating of a Heat of Compression Type Air Dryers Vs. Heated Type/Heatless/Refrigerated Type Air Dryers please click here.

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