Packaged Dry Air Plant

MELLCON offers packaged Dry Air Generator Plant in which complete assembly is mounted on a common skid. Assembly includes Air Compressor, After Cooler, Air Receiver and Heatless Air Dryer. The system is ready to install type just requiring power connection, water connection and air inlet/outlet connection. Standard Packaged Dry Air generator Plants are offered upto a capacity of 150CFM.and a pressure of 7- 15 kg/cm2 The Heatless type dry air generator is suitable for supplying dry air at site and is able to continuously operate without manual assistance by automatic recycling of air drying and regeneration of absorbent. .The basic scheme of the system is shown below:-

Air Compressor compresses the atmospheric air thereby raising its temperature & humidity. This hot air is cooled in Water Cooled After Cooler to a temperature of 400 C and in the process moisture condenses & drained out. This air is stored in air receiver and then passes through the Air Dryer where air is dried to a a desired Dew Point. This fully dry air is sent for the pneumatic/process application . The applications include dehydration of high voltage transformers onsite during commissioning & maintenance etc.

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