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How to dry / remove moisture from compressed natural gas / BioGas

How do you dry the compressed Natural gas (CNG) / Bio Gas

Natural gas must be dried & stripped of liquid & water vapor.. Water in liquid or vapor form will cause corrosion / freezing to pipelines & equipment where it is finally used, especially in colder climates . In order to prevent such problems , gas is dehydrated by condensing from vapor into liquid form, and then removal by filters / separators . The Gas can be further dried to very low dew points such as (-) 40 deg C or better through Desiccant type Regenerative Dryers.

Natural gas is an important source of energy in residential, commercial & transport vehicles where its application is growing rapidly worldwide . Dehydration of Natural gas not only avoids the operational problem but also improves the calorific value of the fuel for better efficiency & output.

Therefore an investment in natural gas dryer shall repay itself in multi benefits as above. Mellcon Engineers has designed, manufactured & supplied a no. of CNG dryers all over the world for CNG filling stations & natural gas distribution companies.

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