Pest Control with Nitrogen Gas ( Nitrogen Gas Generator )

Bulk shipped coffee, tea, nuts or dried fruit are often contaminated with a variety of live insects or other organisms which hatch and grow during long periods of storage or sea transport. These pests present not only a hygiene risk but also an economic one. To date, such pests have been treated using poisonous chemicals such as Methyl Bromide or Phostoxin which can have the disadvantage of contaminating the food. The consequences of using these chemicals include loss or change of flavor, changes to colour, even so far as causing the consignment to be destroyed because of contamination.

New Technologies against Pests A new method to combat these insect pests, which does not involve the use of poisons and is safe for humans, has been discovered. Based on the fact that "no organism can survive without Oxygen" all products requiring treatment are packed inside an Oxygen proof skin (called an Inliner) before shipping. Nitrogen Gas is flushed into the Inliner, displacing Oxygen until its concentration is reduced to <0.1%. This level is maintained for up to 100 hours, killing not only the adult pests, but also any larvae and unhatched eggs. As the Inliner is sealed, the "fumigation" process can then take place in transit, saving time and reducing handling costs.

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