Pressure Regulating Stations

Pressure regulating station for CO2 tank:-

All High pressure Gas Storage Systems like CO2, LPG , N2O  etc. applications require the use of a Pressure reducing station to supply constant pressure to applications. Because pressure in Storage  tanks can fluctuate significantly, regulators must be present to deliver a steady  pressure to downstream appliances. These regulators normally compensate for tank pressures between 1.8 – 12 bar for industrial applications. Propane regulators differ in size and shape, delivery pressure and adjust-ability but are uniform in their purpose to deliver a constant outlet pressure for downstream requirements. As is the case in all regulators, outlet pressure is lower than inlet pressure.

Pressure reducing  Skid

Parameters Required :

  1. Inlet Pressure In Bar (G)
  2. Outlet Pressure In Bar (G)
  3. Temperature in Deg C
  4. Existing Pipesize in mm

Applications :

  1. Liquid Carbon dioxide Storage systems
  2. LPG storage Systems
  3. N2 storage systems
  4. Ammonia Storage systems etc.

Features : -

»   Designed as per best steam engineering practices
»   Assured accurate consistent downstream reduced pressure
»   Irrespective of fluctuations at inlet
»   Safety valve sized for full discharge capacity of the PRS
»   Specially designed flow divider to ensure low noise levels
»   Rugged in design
»   Can be used in hazardous area without any certification
»   Operates even on low flow conditions
»   Fast response to pressure changes
»   Ready to install i.e. reduces installation time and field engineering
»   Maintenance free and user friendly

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