An Ideal Compressed Air System

Do you need Dry compressed air ? Can you afford Production Stoppage ?
Quality Spoilage ? High Maintenance Expenditure ?

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The Need For An Air Dryer

whether you can afford It or not, effective managements would continously monitor costs. Wet compressed air undermines efficiency from the smallest to the largest system. It is a fact that moisture in compressed air is must. Further, where oil is used as lubricant in the compressor, the oil combines with moisture to from an emulsion which rapidly degrades the control system perfromance by corroding the jets and orifices of pneumatic instuments. Effective filteration and drying is therefore a must.

Cause of Moisture

A simple illustration, explains the amount of moisture present in compressed air.

You will note that the compressor suction side condition are 32 Celcius and 50% RH at 1 Atm. Abs which is an average Indian condition. After compression at 8 Atm. Abs, the valume of air reduces by 8 times I.e 400% & air temperature is very high, this air is passed through a water cooled after cooler and its temperature. At this temp, the air connot hold more than 100% RH moisture. The excess 300% of the vapour is condensed to liquid moisture which remains suspended in the air and con be separated by filters upto an efficency of 99% only. The air after filteration is 100% wet(saturated) air. This saturated air will condense its water vapour at the first available opprotunity i.e. whereever cooling due to expansion takes place

Do You Know ?

  • It costs Rs. 5.50 Lakhs approx. per annum to produce 100 CFM(170M3/HR.) of air at 7kg/CM2 (100PSI) Pressure.
  • It contains 110 Litres/Day of water in liquid and vapour state which gets into your delicate instruments/Process.
  • The instuments operating with wet air have 1/25th of the life as compared to the one operating with dry air.
  • Your operator wastes 10-15% of air for draining water at various point whenever starting the operation
  • Operating cost comparision of air dryer
  • An installation of a compressed air dryer saves your maintenance costs.

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