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Liquid CO2 Storage Tank
Liquid carbon dioxide (C02) tank'MELLCON' the premier organization in the manufacturing of pressure vessels and approved by all major consultants in India now offer Skid mounted Liquid co2 storage tank  ( Liquid Carbon dioxide gas Storage Tanks ) having the storage capacity  from 3,000 kg to 40,000 kg of liquid carbon dioxide.

These liquidco2 tanks are designed for storing liquid carbon dioxide as per the recommendations in IS-2825 / ASME Sec Vlll DlV - 1 codes and the material of construction are SA-516/ IS-2062/ IS-2002/SS-304 or as per the specific requirement of the customer. The carbon dioxide tank  can be horizontally or vertically mounted with 175 mm thick puf Insulation and aluminum cladding. The surfaces are wire brushed and sand blasted before painting. The painting is done with 2 coats of zinc chromate primer followed by 2 coats of enamel paint.

The vessels are stage wise inspected by our Inspection engineers as per the recommendations of the relevant code and the Chief controller of explosives norms. All welding are performed by qualified welders only. Finally it is hydro tested and de-hydrated with dry nitrogen. MELLCON also offers these tanks under any third party inspection according to customers specific requirement.

These storage tanks are equipped with all standard instruments and controls like safety valves, Pr. gauges, Pump, Valves, Piping, Drains, Pr. Regulators, Control panel and Refrigerated vapor recovery systems, etc. Optionally a Digital weighing scale can also be supplied as an integral part.

3.4 3.5 1.8 2.1 3400
5.4 4.5 1.8 2.1 4100
12.7 6.3 2.2 2.5 6400
16.O 7.5 2.2 2.7 7500
23.6 10.5 2.2 2.8 10700
27.3 12.0 2.2 2.8 12200


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